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Lately the little one has started to have hiccups! Its not just a single one every now and then, its a regular hic-hic-hic at least three times a day. Fetal hiccups, at least according to one site I was just reading, starts happening towards the end of the pregnancy when the central nervous system is adequately developed for them to happen:

“First of all, only more mature fetuses hiccup in the womb because their central nervous system is adequately developed in order to allow this to happen. It is believed that the fetus breathes in amniotic fluid or drinks it. When this happens and the amniotic fluid enters and exists the fetus lungs then the diaphragm contracts and hiccups results.” (Read more at The Labor of Love)

I did not know that. I had heard that the hiccups will be a funny thing to feel during pregnancy, but I did not know that they are also such a wonderful sign of a little person developing along so quickly and wonderfully.

I am just glad that I dont have to have the hiccups as often as little E does. But apparently they are soothing for little babies still in the bump, so maybe I shouldn’t feel too sorry for her.