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The Underwater Project

Mark Tipple Photography

A Whole New World Under the Waves

Today Mark Tipple’s photography is everywhere on the net. The Telegraph is showing it, The Sun has a whole slide show on parade while The Daily Mail is flaunting his fabulous images alongside many other news portals who have all picked up on the remarkable visual treat these images offers the viewer.

And I must say, he has totally managed to captivate my attention and imagination with these incredible images. My first thought was, “So THIS is what it must look like when I tumble in the waves…”. My second thought was more a feeling. I am so impressed by this guy’s photography.

Unfortunately, the articles at all the above mentioned publications as well as a few other ones are quite uninformative and uninteresting. I suggest you take a look at the article that Photography-News did on his project in April for a better insight into this wonderful underwater world as well as the mind of Mark Tipple.