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My Zuccini Empire

My lovely little surprise gardening project is coming along quite nicely out on the terrace. I started off with planting cherry tomatoes, chives, spinach and zuccini, but since I forgot where I planted what, this has now turned into a bit of a guessing game. Thankfully one of the zuccini seedlings came up with a piece of the seed on the leaf, so that was easy to identify. I now have four zuccini seedlings, a few cherry tomato seedlings and a few chives reaching for the skies out on the terrace. Unfortunately the spinach has not yet gotten to this stageĀ  in its life cycle, and is still hiding away under the soil. But quite exciting to see how the zuccini seems to feel very much at home out there. I wonder how long it will take till we get to see the first little zuccini start growing?