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Ah, I just want to go shopping!! Over the last few weeks I have little by little started noticing things that I need to buy/replace as well as a growing craving for shiny new things… Its nothing I am proud about, but my god how I want to acquire some lovely new things…

I really want is a bikini. I want another surf bikini, but I also want a non surf bikini. Something that doesnt have to be “wave-proof” (i.e. “waching-machine-tumble-in-waves-proof”) and that can just look pretty without being too practical. Sometimes a girl needs unpratical things – That’s just the way it is.

The problem is, I want this one. Well, at least something like this, with this cut. I think this is the reason I dont do that much shopping, I am too picky with what I want when it comes to the cut of clothing.

Unfortunately, I dont really know where to go around here to find items like this… I think its from Calzedonia, but Im not sure, nor am I sure if they even have Calzedonia here. But surely there should be something like this in the shops over here, after all Costa Rica is a fairly tropical country with quite a high amount of days that qualify for beach visits and hence beach wear.

Ironically, this is exactly the opposite to what I was going on about in a past entry about Surf Wear, but I think you need to be prepared for everything – and hence have swimwear to suit every occasion. Especially in a warm country. Even in Spain where the bikini season was “only” something like 7 months I had about five bikinis. Here, where I spend time in the water all year round, I have one that I can use. Something has surely gone a bit wrong here.

So that is to be amended this weekend. I do want a new surf bikini as well though as another thing I have learned over these last few months is that a white bikini is not the best option for surfing rivermouths like Barranca or in general surfing during the rainy season when the water is the colour of a strong latte at its best. Hence I would like to change my slightly brownish white bikini with blue stars on it, to something that looks a bit, well at least cleaner.

I think my whole urge to shop has been building up slowly thanks to me having had to do some online shopping for other people. While browsing for Christmas presents and Birthday presents I came across all kinds of beautiful things, and here we now are with me longing for a proper shopping trip – and missing my credit card! The good thing is that I wont be buying on credit this weekend, but the bad thing is that me not having a credit card totally limits me to the shops that do exist around here, with no access to the wonders of the virtual world.

But with or without credit card, at least I will get a little fix to my shopping cravings this weekend as well as a surf with the wonderful J! What more can a girl ask for…?


Today I have been shopping 🙂 I was planning to do a massive shop when we went back to Europe, but unfortunately time was not on my side and due to all our other plans, my shopping just didn’t materialize. Well, I did manage to pick up a few of the things I wanted, in fact, so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to fit much else in my suitcase anyways, but it would still have been very nice to have gotten more things ticked off my shopping list.

So here I am then back in Costa Rica without half the things I had planned to buy. I was in desperate need of jeans as well as underwear, not to mention “work clothes” i.e. anything slightly nicer and more professional than just the tshirts I work in at the moment. I have not been overly keen on going shopping here before since everyone says its terribly expensive and that its definitely worth while going abroad for that. Then again, most people head over to the US for their shopping and if you are used to US prices then of course Costa Rica is going to be expensive. Europe is very expensive then as well.

Anyhow, I decided I would give the outlet stores just outside of Santa Ana a shot and that I would then head over to Multiplaza to have a look over there. On my shopping list were (still) jeans, flannel/checkered shirt, Van’s shoes and possibly something else just to complete the outfit. I found two very nice Nike t-shirts and to my own great surprise, two pairs of Levi’s jeans that actually fit very nicely in the outlet shops! It might have been the last traces of my hangover from Thursday night’s dinner that was playing tricks on me but I felt quite shocked by this fabulous shopping fortune!

Over at Multiplaza we strolled around, had some food and then set off on a more determined hunt for flannel shirts and Van’s for me. While strolling around some of the skate shops I came to realize (once again) how many fabulous clothes and shoes are on offer to men while the women’s department, especially in these shops, is just sad. Same thing with flannel shirts, tens of different styles on offer, and that’s only in ONE shop! Hmpf. And have you noticed how difficult it is to find anything that is not in the current season’s collection?

When we finally stumbled across a few very nice shirts in Guess I almost did a little skip out of happiness! Ironically I have always commented on the fact that I never find anything interesting in Guess when passing by the Guess shop in Covent Garden in London, while now I was in shopping heaven! I bought two lovely shirts and skipped out of there feeling like it had indeed been a very successful shopping trip!

I can’t wait to get to wear them to work next week – or like this lovely lady is wearing them in the Guess ads for this fall’s collection. I would like to find a nice pair of denim shorts though just like she has, just to complete the look. That’s actually the only thing I would really like to have to complete the look – I already got the handsome man by my side 😉

Waking up in a Cloud

Today I woke up in a cloud for the third day in a row.. I think the rainy season has truly started over here now, with chillier air, rainy days and nights as well as clouds everywhere.

Our mountain looks like it is being smothered by a cloud on most days. On other days it looks and feels like a brewing witch’s cauldron, with smoke slowly creeping over the edges and spilling into the valley.

I didn’t realise how cold it would get over here.. Its feels much more wintery, with the temperature having dropped to around 18 degrees, even lower at night, and with the humidity it actually feels just like a slightly warmer version of London. Great. Escape from London weather straight into its Costa Rican counterpart.

So this weekend I am flying to New York to renew my visa and to visit my lovely friend Carolina, and I guess I should say enjoy the lovely early summer weather of the northern hemisphere..

I am very much looking forward to a quick trip to the concrete jungle and to all the shopping I am planning to do. Sadly, for me it will be warm clothes and woolly sweaters all the way instead of the summery dresses the rest of the city will be enjoying.