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Clark Little Photography

Clark Little – Yet another fantastic Photographer showing us the wonders of water and the power of the waves through his lens. 

Looking at these images I cannot help but wish I was out there in the waters and not in the middle of a long week of work. But its Tuesday already! Not that many days to go before another fantastic weekend in the waves!

As you can probably tell, I am giving myself yet another pep talk to get through this week. I am not really sure why, but this week is starting to feel like the longest week ever. And its only Tuesday! Anyone got any great ideas for how time will go faster?

The Underwater Project

Mark Tipple Photography

A Whole New World Under the Waves

Today Mark Tipple’s photography is everywhere on the net. The Telegraph is showing it, The Sun has a whole slide show on parade while The Daily Mail is flaunting his fabulous images alongside many other news portals who have all picked up on the remarkable visual treat these images offers the viewer.

And I must say, he has totally managed to captivate my attention and imagination with these incredible images. My first thought was, “So THIS is what it must look like when I tumble in the waves…”. My second thought was more a feeling. I am so impressed by this guy’s photography.

Unfortunately, the articles at all the above mentioned publications as well as a few other ones are quite uninformative and uninteresting. I suggest you take a look at the article that Photography-News did on his project in April for a better insight into this wonderful underwater world as well as the mind of Mark Tipple.

Edith Shain and the World Famous Kiss

Edith Shain I love kisses and one of the most wonderful ones that has been recorded for everyone to see is the kiss on Times Square by a nurse and a sailor in celebration of the end of World War II.

This epic picture of a young Edith Shain, all dressed in white, taken by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt managed to capture an epic moment in US history, if not world history. The photograph went on to become an iconic image when it was published in Life Magazine, to mark the end of the war.

I love the spontaneity of the kiss, the slightly raised leg and the complete surrender as she leans into his arms. Who would not want to be kissed like that! 🙂

This blog post is in memory of Edith Shain and all the others who got to experience the wonders that is a simple kiss, following years of war and misery over such a large part of the world.

As well as a celebration of the kiss in itself!

Actually, I’m going to go get me one as well now…


Things I like

There are so many wonderful things out there that I would love to get my hands on, and to make things worse for my self discipline, they pop up on a daily basis! But although this feeling of “miiih..must…have…” is more or less a daily recurrence, and most of the time I just try to switch on my selective hearing and ignore the pleading voices in my head.

Today’s two things are just a bit too divine to not fuss about more than usual..

The first thing is Avita‘s white dress with belt… Have you seen anything prettier for the beach?? And to make things even better, its made out of my new favourite fabric, Bamboo.. Swoon.. What I wouldnt give to get my hands on a Bamboo loom where I could make my own bamboo fabric.. (ok, ok, I am somewhat exaggerating here, I mean where I could have other people make me some bamboo fabrics because I am too busy with faffing about in all kinds of other directions of life..) Anyhow, the conclusion is that not only is bamboo pretty as a plant, its pretty amazing as a fiber as well!

The second thing that I stumbled across today was California Candy Wetsuits. Not that I need one over here ( I know, I know, I am a spoiled brat nowadays and probably ruined for ever now after enjoying water temperatures of about 28 degrees Celsius..) but these are just amazingly querky, original, feminine and beautiful! When I next go to California I want to find this lovely lady to check out her showroom and all the fantastic things she has done with her own little hands! (Very jealous… not about having small hands but about doing stuff with them!) And I do like the photography style as well.. Need to take more pictures…