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Doctors, Midwives and Doulas

I have just started my 9 month journey… Or actually let me rephrase, I am about half way through my 9 month journey and I never realised how many things you need to arrange for yourself and investigate when you are new to a country and its medical system. Since Ive never been pregnant before I havent really thought about most of these things before, not to mention the fact that I have always just thought that the way I hear prenatal maternity care is done in Finland is the norm. Shockingly that is not the case and I have had to broaden my views massively lately.

We started off going to a very good, but slightly stiff doctor at the CIMA hospital here in Escazu. I had my first appointment with him at about 7 weeks, the second at 10 when we did the first ultra sound and the third at like 14 weeks when we did a second ultrasound (and found out its a girl!). I cannot complain of the treatment we received at CIMA during our visits, they were all lovely and the doctor seemed very knowledgeable although quite laissez -faire. Unfortunately, his relaxed attitude did not include any deviations from the usual path of how he saw the process of giving birth.

Having been quite terrified of the prospect of giving birth ever since I was 16 and was put through a movie about giving birth during health class in school, I have always thought I wanted all the drugs they would allow me and preferably also a c-section to make things as quick as possible.. But now, being faced with the inevitable in just a few more months, I have started thinking that surely something so beautiful as birth cannot be as horrible as it is made out to seem like in all the hollywood movies, sit coms or TV shows where action and drama are applauded for bringing the views in.

I agree that calling giving birth “to be in labour” is most likely a very appropriate term as I would not think hours and hours of contractions is going to be a walk in the park for anyone. At the same time, I am finding it more and more difficult to accept interventions into this natural process that is birth, especially when they are unnecessary, which so many interventions nowadays seem to be.

Anyhow, with this attitude I went to see a doula (as over here they don’t really have a system that would be accepting of midwives like we have in Finland), to find out a bit more and to at least try to add a humane point of view to a “procedure” that for me had now been made to feel so surgical instead of natural and beautiful.

Ansu was absolutely lovely and we had an hour and a half of intensive debate about everything and anything and in the end she recommended me to Dr. P. She presented him to me as a very likely solution to all the soulless medical attitudes I had been subjected to over the past two months, and I was very keen on seeing if she was right. I called him up a week later to arrange an appointment and that marvellous day was yesterday.

I must say, meeting Dr. P. was like love at first appointment. He had a pretty much exactly matching attitude to birth as what we have fostered during our last few months of research and pondering and as the appointment extended from our initial 30mins to almost an hour of chatting, checking and measuring we felt more and more like we had finally found a perfect doctor for the last leg of this journey. I cannot even describe how relieved and happy I was when I walked out of that office next to the wonderful J, with a confirmation that E was doing very well in the tummy, that everything else in there was doing what it should be doing and that we could in the end have as natural a birth as we wanted. And in a birthing pool even! 🙂

Now, I cannot wait to experience this last stretch of the journey!