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Life with Only One Free Arm

Suddenly all those life insurance ads I kept seeing in my FitPregnancy magazine made sense and it dawned on me, I had become a one armed woman as well, also known as a “mother”. It all hit me last night as I was trying to cook dinner while breastfeeding, something I do not recommend, and in addition to the life insurance ads, the feat also reminded me of something Douglas Adams said:

“A learning experience is one of those things that says, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.” – Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

So yes, from now on I will try to time cooking and breastfeeding into different slots of the day..

I honestly had not realised how much carrying I would be doing with little E around. My left shoulder is already complaining out loud about it all while my right wrist has quietly started to disagree with it as well. The question is, which one will give up first.. And all the while this is happening, little E is demanding more lap time than ever. She loves falling asleep in my lap or being carried around the house so that she can constantly be part of everything that is happening. Doesn’t matter if she is awake or asleep, she knows, and I mean she really KNOWS if she is not included anymore (for example, you put her down..) and will object to it LOUDLY. Thankfully she is so cute she can get away with it.

I must say though that I am very much looking forward to the arrival of J’s mother in a weeks time. Grandma will arrive carrying lots of gifts for the little one, but also a few very much anticipated by the one armed mother. Among other things she will be bringing a baby carrier! I have such high hopes for this wonderful thing that will offload my shoulder and my wrist that I don’t dare think about it too much! My expectations might just be too high then and that is never a good thing I have learned from experience. But in any case, I am sure this carrier will mean a world of difference and little E will be able to participate in everything we do without my arms suffering like they are at the moment. (Then again, I do hope my arm muscles will start building up again soon after my low arm activity pregnancy, which would also make a huge difference I am sure..)

In the meantime though I am forced to little by little get used to life with only one free arm. At least it is making all the everyday tasks into new challenges and keeping things interesting over here. (As if they were not interesting enough already with an infant in the house… 🙂 )

Getting to Know Each Other

Little E is 12 days old now. How incredible to think she has only been with us for 12 days, it sure feels like she has been with us forever. The first 12 days we have spent getting to know each other. E is such a wonderful little Zen baby. She basically eats, sleeps and poops and seems to be quite happy with life in general. Then again, who would not be with such a leisurely lifestyle as my little princess is enjoying up here on our mountain.

There is so much for me to learn about Little E in particular and babies in general. For example, I hadnt realised how often you need to change diapers. Or how much sh*t babies can produce! Especially at 3am.. That’s usually when Little E decides to show off her skills in this area…

Breastfeeding is also a whole new world that I have tried to embrace whole heartedly. And yes, finally all the battles are starting to pay off and we have managed to set up some kind of pattern that works for both of us. I considered contacting the La Leche League to get some expert advice, but things seemed to sort themselves out before I got down to contacting them. I will be keeping their details though.. Just in case..

Personally I am feeling pretty good, a bit tired due to the new day rhythm Little E is imposing on us, but in general pretty good. And I am very much looking forward to being able to start exercising again, so fingers crossed my doctor gives me the green light in a month when I have my postpartum check up. And I am very much looking forward to using my gift card for a massage. Hopefully they will be happy to change it from a pregnancy massage to a pamper-the-new-mummy massage.

But now my new boss is calling.. At least adjusting to this new hierarchy was pretty quick.