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Everybody Needs a Hobby

I have a new hobby. Yes, yet another one… But this time its about web design! I am finally jumping head first into the wonderful world of web design, something I have secretly (and not so secretly) wanted to do for ages! Its right up there with studying graphic design and I have been itching to try it out ever since I had my first introduction to HTML while playing around with my MySpace profile over 6 years ago or so.

I am talking about my new hobby in absolute terms, using “Web Design” as the umbrella here, but actually this is a hobby with a lot of different parts to it, but that all then tie together to form something amazing – a new skill!

1. Part one is comprised of setting up the first web site. Its actually not me building it, but its me giving the creative input that my lovely designer then interprets in code. Its not ideal from the point of view of learning to actually build one yourself, but it has given me a great insight into the general process of setting up a website. The second one we are to build next with this designer I will pay much more attention to, especially the elements of how to set it all up in Dreamweaver as well as the final bit of how to host a site.

A screenshot of the header

2. Part two is my weekly class in Dreamweaver web design that my lovely colleague Adriana is teaching me. Its a one hour a week tutorial where she shows me how to build newsletters and how to work with Dreamweaver and then I go back home and try it out myself. I have learned so much already and I cannot believe how quickly the hour passes! I cant wait to be able to whip up some fantastic newsletters soon myself from scratch!

3. Part 3 is a bit more abstract. It concerns the big picture. I.e. what to do with  my newly acquired skills. I love learning stuff, but what I love even more is to then be able to put it all into practice and DO something with it. With this hobby the aim is to set up my own sites, to be able to work with sites as well as possibly design them for others in the future. Part three is what wraps everything up and gives it all a reason. Well, that and the fact that I am having SO MUCH FUN learning HTML.

As soon as the first site is up and running Iwill be happy to share it with the world. The one I have helped design will propbably be up already next week! Super exciting! While we will have to wait a little bit longer for a site designed by me… Ehm.. I am still just learning how to set up tables, and considering my ambitious plan for all kinds of fantastic things, I think it will take a while..