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My Zuccini Empire

My lovely little surprise gardening project is coming along quite nicely out on the terrace. I started off with planting cherry tomatoes, chives, spinach and zuccini, but since I forgot where I planted what, this has now turned into a bit of a guessing game. Thankfully one of the zuccini seedlings came up with a piece of the seed on the leaf, so that was easy to identify. I now have four zuccini seedlings, a few cherry tomato seedlings and a few chives reaching for the skies out on the terrace. Unfortunately the spinach has not yet gotten to this stage  in its life cycle, and is still hiding away under the soil. But quite exciting to see how the zuccini seems to feel very much at home out there. I wonder how long it will take till we get to see the first little zuccini start growing?

My Pineapple Plant!

Our new pineapple plant, Costa RicaYesterday J got me a fantastic Pineapple Plant! Since I haven’t managed to take a picture of it yet, you will have to make do with this one I found on the internet. I promise to change it as soon as I take one of the real thing. (change done 🙂 my plant on the left, stand in image on the right)

But how mad is this plant! I have never seen one before, so I am pretty enchanted by it. Apparently it takes about 2-3 years for a plant to bear fruit, so I have to say that I am pretty pleased that EPA had done most of that work for me pre purchase and I can just jump straight into being the proud owner of a fruit bearing plant (even if the fruit is just a small pineapple at the moment). I do wonder how long it will take for it to become 2kg of delicious fruit so I can use it in my morning shake?

So as you can see, my little private Garden of Eden is flourishing. I made a few small mistakes with the Coriander, so that’s gone, and I really need to learn more about my Aloe plant as its looking a bit soggy at the moment (too much water?), but my basil is almost 1metre high and the thyme is a true conquistador of space and already in need of its own flower pot I think. Its so much fun to see how all these plants seem to adore our terrace with its abundance of sunshine and rain.

This weekend we also picked up some seeds so that we can start growing some vegetables from scratch. I have high hopes that the tomato, coriander (I decided to give the coriander another chance), spinach, squash and carrot seeds will like their new home and provide me and J with some delicious ingredients for my next vegetable quiches. (Already got the mini quiche oven forms sorted, now I just need the ingredients to start growing..)