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Pillar 2: Family and Friends

My second pillar in this little story is for Family and Friends. If your home is your physical cornerstone in life, then your Family and Friends are the social cornerstones. The amazing people I have let into my life and who in return have extended me the privilege of accepting the invitation, are of extreme importance to me. I would not be the person I am today without all of you.

Although, at the moment I feel my cornerstones are quite spread out all over the place. My best friends can currently be found in Finland, England, Spain and The U.S (my apologies if I have forgotten anyone of you currently based somewhere else..) but at least my closest family is still somewhat lumped together in one place over in Finland, making seeing them a bit easier.

My Family and Friends have always been great; they have always been there to give me inspiration, support, encouragement, and constructive criticism (Let’s just call it that ;)). I miss all of them so much and wish I could just force everyone to move with me whenever I go anywhere.. Nevertheless,  I still feel they are all with me somehow wherever I go, and even if I cannot speak to them all on a daily basis, the bonds I have with these people don’t weaken.

And anyways, there is always Facebook to keep me up to date with their latest adventures..