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Big Mama!

That’s what one of my colleagues calls me nowadays… He usually shouts it out across the cafeteria at work as he makes his way over to say hello. Now that sure is something that does make you feel noticed, and not always in the best of ways, especially now that I really am gaining quite a big of volume.

At our last doctor’s appointment I was still under 70kg even if I had my bets on the over on that one. But I guess its only a matter of time before I do cross over to the other side of 70 especially considering I still have at least 5 weeks to go. I just wish the weight gain could be a bit easier!

I guess the explanation that my Pilates teacher always gives me when she is trying to explain how I should curl myself around a ball makes much more sense now. “Imagine you are curving your stomach and spine over the beach ball in your lap”.. Yup, got that one now, with a built in beach ball!

Muscle Memory

Outch.. And Mmmm.. I am in the middle of that painful yet wonderful feeling of being slightly sore and achey all over following an intensive start of the week. Its been a hectic week in many ways, mainly due to working quite a few hours on a little project (to be revealed soon!) as well as having thrown in lots of exercising as well.

What pushed me over the limit when it comes to the exercising was the Pilates lesson. Having had a recommendation from a girl I know, I had my first Pilates class in ages this Wednesday with a lovely instructor who teaches in a studio just around the corner from where we live here in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

My gosh I had forgotten how absolutely fantastic Pilates is! The hour flew by and I got to try a few of the machines as well, something I have never tried before as I had just done mat work with my previous teachers. Up till now I have basically not been that keen on using the machines since I think its much more rewarding to work with your body instead of lots of machines, but I can now see that the machines can be an excellent addition to your exercise routines as well. I am definitely going back!

We started off with some mat work, and its amazing how quickly your body gets back into things. Its like my muscles remebered all the moves and they did not at all feel as bad this time round as they did when I first started. Although, my gosh did I feel my legs the next day following this first class and the first cirles with the legs in the air… But this time, compared to my first times, I managed it so much better immediately! (even if I say so myself… ;))

We then moved on to the Half Trapezie, or Half Cadillac Wall unit where we did some more cirles with the legs, we did some arm exercises and some other moves that I had not tried before, but seemed to be excellent exercises. I just need to start remembering the names of all these exercises!

We finished off the hour with a few exercises on the Reformer, the only machine I had actually heard of before this class. And as you might have guessed, I had a great (although somewhat sweaty) time! 🙂

With Pilates you should be doing it a few times a week to see results, but if you do put that tmie into it you will see the results somewhat quickly. I have currently set up one class a week, but will be increasing that to two lessons a week as soon as I can find a good time slot for it. Ideally Id like to do one machine class and then one mat work class a week, but I would not say no to doing two machine classes either. I just want to get back into Pilates, I bet it will help me massively with the surfing!