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A Tropical Christmas

The only thing missing from my Tropical Christmas was the calypso music. (Gotta remember to get the “Calypso Christmas” CD for next year..) We rented our usual beach house down in Esterillos Oeste to spend our first Tropical Christmas by the beach and it has been absolutely wonderful although slightly strange. And I regret not bringing my fairy lights, as we have some terrific palm trees over here that would be very suitable as tropical Christmas trees. (Mental note: Bring them down on Friday when we head back to the beach)

I got a beautiful surfboard from my wonderful boyfriend and a delicious set of organic cotton sheets from my mum, a fantastic Putumayo Family Christmas music CD from my dad and some small bits and pieces from my loved ones back home. Unfortunately I was a terrible girlfriend and forgot (!) my wonderful boyfriend’s Christmas present at home…I hope the present in itself will make up for it (it is something that has to do with the other love of his life – His 1977 Toyota Landcruiser so it should make him pretty pleased). Once he gets it that is…

I got to have a surf on Christmas day which was pretty amazing. There would not have been ANY chance of that if we would have been back home in the UK. I think I am spoiled for life now after having surfed these warm waters in just a bikini. Unfortunately me and my new board didnt really get along that well on Christmas Day morning. I think the main problem was a communication error that meant it didnt understand what I wanted and I didnt understand what the hell it was doing. Our differences of opinion were solved by me as I got out of the water, marched home and changed it to my old board. Unfortunately my second tour to the beach happened too late and the water had already retreated too far out, making the waves so small that even on a larger board it was just not happening at all.

My second encounter with my new board ended in a slight disaster (although this was following some pretty good waves before!). I thought I could ride the board prone into shore but that was just a stupid idea I soon figured out. Being as light as it is my new board threw me off and bounced up in the air before landing on my head and calf muscle, giving me a big bleeding bump on the head and a throbbing calf muscle that was soon almost twice the size of my usual pathetically small calf muscles.

So no more surfing for a few days for me ūüė¶ Which I am feeling quite devastated about. I feel its a complete waste just sitting here without having the chance to enjoy the beach and the water that is just around the corner from me now… I will give my leg a few more hours to heal, but god damn then Im going in again.

My mum is also here celebrating her first tropical Christmas in ages and its been really nice to show her where we live, show where we usually go when we go to the beach, to introduce her to Sofia and to just have her around (She makes amazing food so I am slightly taking advantage of that as well…)

I dont think it really feels like Christmas, but then again, who cares when you can have iguanas, monkeys, hummingbirds, BBQing by the pool, surfing and great company anyways? Ok, time for a little nap and then let’s see if this leg and head can manage some more waves..

Esterillos Oeste

This weekend is a real treat. We are spending it down at Esterillos Oeste with some friends just lazying around, surfing, BBQing and well, just enjoying life in general! Its been a while since we were here last and I have almost forgotten how fantastic this place is for relaxing and really recharging your batteries. Not to mention the surf, I loved coming down here before, because the waves are quite big, but still fairly soft, making it perfect for me on my epoxy.

I got down here already on Friday since my company was doing a team building outing in Jaco for the day. It was a fantastically fun day at the beach surfing followed by cocktails, arm wrestling and dancing at The Backyard Bar in Playa Hermosa. I had so much fun and I feel like I know a few of my colleagues much better now as well.

Anyhow, J picked me up from The Hookup at Los Suenos around 8.30pm and we headed down to the beach. This time we have rented a gorgeous house all the way at the end of one of the dead end streets off Calle Canada, and turns out its absolutely fantastic! Three floors, pool, gorgeous large terraces on each floor and all of them looking out over the jungle.

Having got here pretty late we didnt really properly see the house until the next day, but my gosh did we hear the other inhabitants during the night! We have massive lizards living in the ceiling and they were making a glorious noise all through out the night while the cicadas were playing their tunes all around us in the jungle. The noise did wake me up a few times, but its actually nice waking up to the sounds of nature, especially since it will lull you back to sleep as well pretty much immediately.. Its a nice give an take.

This morning Sofia was up and demanding to get outside already at about 4am. She hasnt stopped since then.. She has explored the jungle, run around meeting other dogs, swam in the pool, been to the beach, run around some more and had a face off with a local capuchin monkey. We were having so much fun watching her and the monkey battle it out, one on the ground, one from the top of a palm tree.

I had a few wonderful waves down at the beach as well. Its been a while since we have been surfing here so at first I was a bit worried about the size of the waves, but I soon “got back to normal” i.e realising that they might seem big, but actually they are pretty soft. Had quite a few just for fun and a few that were excellent even by my own high standards of self criticism. And I finally managed to really get one pop up done PROPERLY! I.e. without dragging my damn knee behind me. Oh my gosh the feeling of that beats anything! Well, almost anything.

Tonight we have had a BBQ and now its just relaxing in the warm night to the sounds of cicadas while watching a beautiful lightning display in the distance. The rain hasnt reached us yet. I cant wait till tomorrow when I will get to do some more waves!! And ah, the sleep I will have tonight after a couple of hours in the waves and a day in the humid heat of the coastal area.. I do love our life in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida en Costa Rica

As of the 5th March I am now stationed in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. At the end of 2009 I found a job within my industry that offered me great professional possibilities but over on the sunny shores of Costa Rica instead of in rainy and cold London, so after some internal discussions with my boyfriend we decided to pack up our stuff and go. And I must say, we have not looked back yet!

The first week here was absolutely fantastic, actually the first 48hours were already so incredible that the following 5 days of working and finding our feet in Santa Ana were very much appreciated for its breathing space it provided before yet another fabulous weekend on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

We have set up camp temporarily at Avalon Country Club in Santa Ana via my new company. The one bedroom flat is nice but a bit too small for us and the four surfboards we brought with us so we immediately started looking into other options, both for the flat as well as for a car. The rental car we had going for the first week was excellent as it took us out and about as well as offered us a great opportunity to explore other housing alternatives. It was on one of these exploration drives that we came across Monta√Īa del Sol, a fabulous little community on the Santa Ana mountain just around the corner from my work. The guard let us know about a fantastic house halfway up the mountain that was for rent, and we decided to go for a look.

The first house was a 2 bedroom house with a mirador. Absolutely fantastic massive windows and great open space design.. And jungle as soon as you stepped outside the door. Joel was crawling underneath the house as soon as he had a chance, looking for random animals and creatures of the wilderness..

Having had a chat with the owners, an 86 year old artist and doctor¬†from Holland and his 79¬† year old Korean wife who was also a doctor, we requested to see their second property that they had for rent.¬†This was a¬†larger 3 bedroom house on the same property, but with a 1500m2 garden of pure jungle to go with it… Needless to say we walked in the door of Roca Linda and fell in love with it. The house is mad! Both from the point of view of having fabulous nooks and crannies within the massive open space first floor with its¬†floor to ceiling windows,¬†all the way to¬†the quirky colour pallette and design elements all over the¬†place.

The house also featured a spiral staircase down to the three bedrooms as well as another one up to the beautiful mirador with 360 degree views of the mountains and the Santa Ana valley.. We are considering making this our yoga studio.. How fabulously opulent! 

So following our first week here we have already managed to sort ourselves out with a car, we bought a green Ford Escape off my new boss, and agreed on renting a house starting on the 27th March.. Just in time for a long Easter weekend either at home or then out and about Costa Rica.

Having investigated Playa Bejuco, Esterillos Este and Esterillos Oeste during the first two weekends in Costa Rica, the following weekends will be invested in further explorations of the central valley area. But whatever the plan, there will obviously still be a Saturday morning surf involved in the plans..

I am little by little getting better at the surfing. My first weekend here and the first dip in the ocean was not a massive success. I did not manage to even get up on my new proxy board.. however cute it is with its neon green frame around the edges, it was just not really working well with my lousy balance.. I cannot believe how unstable I felt on it compared to the swellie I had been using up till then! But last weekend was absolutely fantastic… I managed to pop on the first wave that came my way! It was just fabulous!

Unfortunately my skin is still a bit too winter white… With 25 protection on, 2 hours in the sun was quite enough for me and I managed to burn my bum as well as get fabulous t-shirt tan lines. Hmm.. I cant wait till my skin is a bit more used to the heat and the sun!

But for now, I am just working on getting settled and relaxing into our new lifestyle in the sun. For the following two weeks I will be starting the day with a swim in the country club pool then having some fresh fruit and a yoghurt or cereal for breakfast before happily heading off to work. Hopefully this will get me in great shape for my new exercise routines up on the mountain where a simple morning run will mean running up the mountain from our mere 800 metres to the top at 1200 metres.