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Weekend at Arenal

It’s been terribly long since I last wrote and I do apologize sincerely about that.. I had all these great ambitions and intentions to write lots on my blog this year but it all seems to be going down the drain lately, mainly due to being too busy! Such a shame that when there are lots of things to write about, you usually don’t have the time to write about it all!

Anyways, since I am today just sitting on the terrace in the lovely cool breeze, looking at the clouds rolling in over the central valley, I decided to invest some time in updating my blog and some of the other forums of expression I use. It is Semana Santa over here, the holy week, or Easter as it is also known. Santa Ana is beautifully quiet since all the Ticos are on the beach, and I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it is to have the town almost to yourself.. It almost makes up for yet another year of not being able to eat any Easter eggs because of the chocolate issue.

We have just had J’s parents here for almost two weeks and it has been very nice to see them again. So strange and yet so wonderful to see them in “our” setting over here, instead of the usual London setting. I think they also very much enjoyed the change in scenery as not a day went past without comments like “well, its absolutely wonderful”, “oh look at that beautiful bird, isnt it wonderful”, “ah, absolutely beautiful” and a whole long list of other appraisals of this and that. It is actually very nice to again have the pleasure of seeing Costa Rica through the eyes of someone who hasn’t seen it yet. It is such a shame how we do tend to just get accustomed to what we have around us and forget about the wonders of nature and life when we see it on a daily basis.

Arenal Volcano ViewThis month’s highlight up till now has definitely been the trip to Arenal that we made with J’s parents. Driving up towards Fortuna early Friday morning through Atenas and the winding back roads was a fantastic experience, just like arriving in Fortuna turned out to be as we caught the first glimpse of the majestic Arenal Volcano.

And it just got better when we got to the hotel which was located just at the foot of the volcano, I could even see Arenal through the window while lying in bed! Breathtaking views and gorgeous settings. I would highly recommend Hotel Los Lagos to anyone heading up that way.

We spent three beautiful days at the hotel, splashing about in the wonderful hot springs, enjoying the sun on loungers that we had moved over to our own secluded little spot next to the topmost spring, admiring the horses and other animals that lived on the hotel grounds and getting completely spoiled at the spa (I had a wonderful Volcanic Mud Wrap and a Deep Facial in a room with a beautiful terrace overlooking the jungle)

Unfortunately I was not feeling very well on Friday and ended up with a headache all Saturday (which the Volcanic Mud Wrap did wonders to soothe) but who can really complain about details like that when you get to recuperate in such wonderful settings.

I am definitely heading up here with my family when they are next in town, and I must say I really want more of those wonderful spa treatments..

But for now I am blissfully peaceful on my own terrace, enjoying a beautiful Easter Friday with the dogs while looking forward to J getting off work. Happy Easter!