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Positions Everyone! (Most importantly little E!)

Today I stumbled upon this wonderful site about Spinning Babies while trying to find out more about when the head engages and what she is really up to in there. I tend to have a lot of kicking going on just under my ribs on the right hand side of the bump while at the same time the occasional large hard bulge on the left hand side or the sliding movement across my belly button of something equally hard. Well, what can I say, I got very curious about what the hell she is up to in there!

Having browsed the site a bit I think I have diagnosed E’s position as Left Occiput Anterior. Especially based on this phrase: “The mother feels a bulge for the baby’s bottom on her left. The feet stretch and kick in her upper right.”

Thankfully the LOA is apparently  “…the most common, ideal fetal position (Optimal Foetal Position)” so that is yet another relief on the journey towards D-Day.

Another wonderful thing that I found thanks to this site was Belly Mapping. What a wonderful idea to learn about your baby and its position through Belly Mapping! I would love to have my little E painted on my bump, too bad this lady is based in the US and not over here on our sunny shores.

Anyhow, I better get back to what I was doing before the Spinning Babies came into my life before I get even more distracted by them. Ill save the rest for a weekend read.. Happy Friday everyone!