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International Day of Surf

Yesterday was the International Day of Surf and I didnt realise it until this morning when I logged into Facebook and saw that some of my friends were boasting about having celebrated this fabulous day. Thankfully I had also been in the waves yesterday, so I actually think I was celebrating it subconsciously…

Anyway, this weekend was such a lovely weekend I just have to talk about it. It was exactly what I needed following my slightly lost feeling last week as it reminded me yet again of all the fabulous things I have going on over here outside of work. We went to a lovely little B&B in Esparza, Oasis By The Sea. The B&B is run by Rob and Deb and their adorable and MASSIVE golden retriever Dude. We only had the pleasure of meeting Rob and Dude, since Deb was out of town. Even if Rob kept saying that it’s such a shame we won’t get to meet Deb, he and Dude received us with such amazing hospitality I cannot even start to imagine how it will be once we pop by and Deb is there… 🙂

Rob, who is an excellent pizza chef and makes the most amazing breakfasts, took excellent great care of me and J while Dude extended his hospitality to Sofia and played with her during the whole stay. Sofia was ecstatic about having a new friend but did seem a bit over excited about all the new adventures she was being treated to on her first weekend away so I think the sensory overload was a bit overwhelming for her… But my gosh I haven’t seen such a content little puppy in ages!

We arrived on Saturday and having dropped off Sofia, we basically headed right down to the beach for some waves. I practiced my pop for almost two hours before it was time for the evening’s treat back at the B&B – a gorgeous vegetarian pizza prepared by Rob in his own pizza oven (I am slightly jealous of it actually… ), accompanied by a glass of wine (for me and beer for J) and the gorgeous nocturnal views of Puntarenas and the Caldera harbour. We feasted on the pizza and the drinks in their wonderful little rancho that sits nestled among banana and papaya trees, beautiful flowers and amazing greenery on their own little hilltop next to where they build their little house. This proved to be the perfect end to a long day of travelling and surfing, and we passed out at about 8.15pm already…

Having slept almost 10hrs we got up almost at dawn to head down for another surf. Now THIS surf was excellent for me.. I sat among the nice waves where I felt safe and comfortable (and not all the way out with the monster waves) and managed to get 10 really nice rides during the morning as well as improve my take off and pop so I get on the wave earlier, and don’t end up nose diving it as per usual practice. I did miss the company of J a bit, but he is such a great surfer and it would have been a real shame to get him to come in to the smaller waves when he was doing so well on the monster ones! Although, I must say I think the longboard styling is a bit funny at times 🙂 I have to look into this a bit more, to really understand what I should be aiming at doing on a longboard… 😉

Following our early 2 hour morning surf, we were treated to a gorgeous Texan dish called “Migas” which proved to be exactly what we needed to replenish our depleted energy reserves! Migas starts off as a kind of stir fry with peppers, tomatoes, onions and tortillas cut into smaller slices and heated up till lovely and tender. At this point the eggs are mixed with milk and spices and chucked into the mix. You then rummage around a bit until the eggs are all cooked and you have what looks a bit like a very generous omelette. Serve up on plates, add some grated cheese, coriander and jalapeños according to your liking and voilĂ ! Done!

We headed off back home around mid day since we needed to do a bit of a clean up of the house before our landlords came over for some tea and cake. I made another apple crumble for our landlord since he absolutely loves apple and cinnamon things, especially apple pie. As predicted it went down very well! I also prepared some custard (one of my favourite desserts, and super easy now thanks to J’s mum who gave me a massive Bird’s Custard Powder to take with me..) and a tuna salad to have something savoury before all the sweet treats. Sofia was a bit surprised to have guests in the house since we haven’t really had anyone over since we got her so it was yet another new experience for her.

Following so much excitement and so many novelties Sofia more or less passed out on the sofa around 5pm already. I have never seen her so tired and calm! Then again, I do understand her, I was pretty exhausted as well and didn’t take long to dose off into la-la-land myself following yet another excellent weekend in Costa Rica…

Princess Sofia

Sofia 9 months oldA week ago now me and J became the proud owners of an adorable Dobermann Pinscher Miniature mixed breed puppy of 9 months.. And now I would like you to meet the lovely Sofia! She has really taken the family with storm, I dont think I have seen a dog with so much energy!

She loves pigs ears and cuddles and nibbling on ankles and puppy milk and licking peoples faces.

She dislikes going to bed and not being able to join us at the table while we are eating.

It did not take her long to lay claim on the sofa and on our hearts. She is quite cocky actually, and considering she has only been with us for one week, she is already feeling rather confident about it all. Then again, I guess I will have to admit that her claim on at least the latter is completely justified. The sofa I am not giving up on that easily..