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My Christmas Wish List

Happy 1st December everyone – Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

In celebration of Christmas I decided to put together a lovely little Christmas Wish List (CWL), just like I used to do with my sisters when we were small in the hope that Santa (a.k.a mum and dad at that time) would acknowledge our pleas and bless us with something from the CWL.

So Dear Santa(s) here is my Christmas Wish List 2010:

1. Walden Mini Magic Longboard

Oh this board from Walden Surfboards is absolutely wonderful… With a yellow colour that makes it look so happy! So happy that I think I would be incredibly happy on it. Until a wave thrashes me and I get another dosis of the washingmachine experience..  But I bet I would be happy again once I am back up on this board… I wonder if they do yellow leashes.. I want a yellow leash to go with this..

2. Stamp Rug from Rocket St. George

Even if I don’t live in the UK anymore, something about England and English design quirkiness touches my heart.. Like this 1p Stamp rug! I want, I want, I want! It would look amazing on my floor, Im sure of it! Even if I would like to have a white floor on which to lay it, instead of our black tile floor. Hmm.. But no, let’s not go that far as to put white floor tiles on this list. Ill leave that till next year’s Christmas list!

3. Sweatshirt from Stereopanda

The guys at Stereo Panda make amazing stuff, fantastically fun 80s inspired BMX/Street wear. Unfortunately way too seldom they create their wonderful items for women. But these sweatshirts are just adorable and look like you just want to slip into one and stay on the sofa in your woolly socks and leggings all day long…

4. Blossa Glögg!

Of course there has to be glögg at Christmas and of course it has to be Blossa Glögg! Although, since I am pretty far from Alko and the ferries between Finland and Sweden (for cheap tax free boose) I will be attempting making some myself this year.. Fingers crossed it turns out almost as nice as this year’s Blossa Glögg with Saffron..


5. Scottish Fine Soaps – The Tin Soap Collection

And when I say the collection, I really mean the WHOLE collection… How can you every chose just one out of these??

6. Magazine Rack from Rocket St. George

So I can store my Oxygen Magazine and Women’s Health magazines somewhere stylish AND practical.. (See mum, you can be stylish AND practical! ;))

7. Hurley Shorts for Women

I find it so difficult to find surf wear, not to mention street wear for women in general, and all these difficulties seem multiplied here in Costa Rica 😦 Thank god for online shopping and people coming to visit, but boo for luggage allowances on planes! Hurley has done some lovely things that I have been quite drawn to lately, such as these shorts here and a few bikinis I have stumbled upon in the shops over at Multiplaza..

8. This Christmas’ new Moomin Mug

Is so pretty! It would go marvellously well with the rest of my collection and I really hope someone will bring me one when they travel over here from Finland this Christmas/Winter…

9. Knitting Stuff!

I do like my knitting and even if I cannot foresee myself terminating my latest project in the next few weeks (a 1.5 meter long, about 1 meter wide throw in off white) I would love to get started on the next project already now! But since I am currently using my only pair of knitting needles and the only wool I have, I would love to have more fun knitting stuff.. Anything really.. (and a sowing machine as well actually now that we are on the topic of making stuff…and….)

10. KitchenAid’s

And lastly, some kitchen porn.. How hot is this KitchenAid Artisan Mixer in Cobalt Blue! I cannot say how often I would use it, but how can any woman (excuse the gender stereotyping here..) live without one of these? (And if you dont like my colour choice, pick your own at the KitchenAid Online Shop!)



Pillar 1: The Home and Making a House a Home

When we moved to Costa Rica in March I had to leave a lot behind. Many friends, a few hobbies, some favourite places, but mostly a large amount of things. All the above mentioned were very dear to me, but I guess what surprised me the most was how stuff can become important to you when you build your own little nest.

Interestingly enough, it did not take long until I  started to slowly accumulate stuff again for our lovely little nest over here as well.. I find this quite funny  as I never considered myself that materialistic. This self generated image of myself that I had been carrying with me following the last few years of somewhat Spartan living in various countries went up in a big Pooof when I suddenly realized that I like to have things. And not just a few things, many things.

In other words, I suddenly realized that I was the total opposite to what I was trying to be in my attempt to keep it as easy as possible for me to  just pick up my stuff and leave the country when needed. (Hmm.. That came out a bit wrong.. Oh well, you get the idea.) No wonder I had troubles feeling settled and happy and content in the various places I was living when I was always one foot out the door.

Following this realization, I have made it a point to always make my current home into my headquarters and to purchase things for it whenever I see things I like without worrying about a future move and how I will get it all with me to the next place. This new process of building a nest rather than just setting up camp usually involves bringing in my Moomin mugs, some books, my jewellery and make up, some kitchen stuff, my bed linen, the wonderful sheep wool bed spread that I got from my mum and dad a few years ago, and a few other things (most importantly Joel ;)).

And having brought more stuff with me during the move to Costa Rica than during any other move, I am feeling amazingly settled and happy. We have a beautiful house that we are little by little filling up with things, both from back home as well as new ones picked up along the way during our adventure over here.

It took a while, but I have finally realized that in order for me to be happy one of the things I need, the first pillar that is, is the one  symbolising the Home. Ironically enough it took me quite some time to realise this. But at last, for the first time in my life, I am paying enough attention to it. Thanks to this I feel better than ever and I am very excited about continuing my explorations into what I want my Home to be as well as what my new home country has to offer.