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Ah, I just want to go shopping!! Over the last few weeks I have little by little started noticing things that I need to buy/replace as well as a growing craving for shiny new things… Its nothing I am proud about, but my god how I want to acquire some lovely new things…

I really want is a bikini. I want another surf bikini, but I also want a non surf bikini. Something that doesnt have to be “wave-proof” (i.e. “waching-machine-tumble-in-waves-proof”) and that can just look pretty without being too practical. Sometimes a girl needs unpratical things – That’s just the way it is.

The problem is, I want this one. Well, at least something like this, with this cut. I think this is the reason I dont do that much shopping, I am too picky with what I want when it comes to the cut of clothing.

Unfortunately, I dont really know where to go around here to find items like this… I think its from Calzedonia, but Im not sure, nor am I sure if they even have Calzedonia here. But surely there should be something like this in the shops over here, after all Costa Rica is a fairly tropical country with quite a high amount of days that qualify for beach visits and hence beach wear.

Ironically, this is exactly the opposite to what I was going on about in a past entry about Surf Wear, but I think you need to be prepared for everything – and hence have swimwear to suit every occasion. Especially in a warm country. Even in Spain where the bikini season was “only” something like 7 months I had about five bikinis. Here, where I spend time in the water all year round, I have one that I can use. Something has surely gone a bit wrong here.

So that is to be amended this weekend. I do want a new surf bikini as well though as another thing I have learned over these last few months is that a white bikini is not the best option for surfing rivermouths like Barranca or in general surfing during the rainy season when the water is the colour of a strong latte at its best. Hence I would like to change my slightly brownish white bikini with blue stars on it, to something that looks a bit, well at least cleaner.

I think my whole urge to shop has been building up slowly thanks to me having had to do some online shopping for other people. While browsing for Christmas presents and Birthday presents I came across all kinds of beautiful things, and here we now are with me longing for a proper shopping trip – and missing my credit card! The good thing is that I wont be buying on credit this weekend, but the bad thing is that me not having a credit card totally limits me to the shops that do exist around here, with no access to the wonders of the virtual world.

But with or without credit card, at least I will get a little fix to my shopping cravings this weekend as well as a surf with the wonderful J! What more can a girl ask for…?

Surf Wear

For the first few months here I naively tried to surf in my normal Bikini. It all starts off well, I put it on, it sits nicely where it should sit as I carry the board down to the beach. I put the leash on. I start wading out into the waves. And BAM. Already the first wave to hit me usually manages to tug my bikini bottoms somewhat down, revealing an embarrassingly white bum, while simultaneously distracting me from the task at hand – Getting Out There with the board. This also sets the scene for what is to come…

So I am getting better at catching waves and the surfing part in general, but unfortunately, quite a few attempts still usually result in a wipe out, where both I, my bikini bottoms and my top suffer, ending up in a slight confusion about what was the task of each parties, especially the who should be covering what..

All this involuntary nudity finally led to me giving up and heading out to buy a new bikini. I ended up with a lovely one from 69 Slam that manages to keep all my assets in place while I can focus on the board and the waves and the wipe outs.

With this purchase, I also realised that my previous bikinis had all been bad at staying in place, and they all had one thing in common. They had movable parts attached to strings all over the place! Strings are not good in waves. Nor are movable parts. My new one has a band that holds the top in one place, helping it stay where you want it to be. Excellent!

I am now quite excited about this whole new world that is opening up to me. I can finally DO stuff in my bikini! Yay! So with this new knowledge I am now constantly eyeing up my possible next bikini purchase. Without falling into the typical error of stereotyping I will say that if you are a man you will now say, “Why do you need another one, you already have one”.. If you are a woman you will understand. Obviously its so I can have another great bikini to change to when I feel like it!

I have also started checking out next seasons stuff just so I am ready once the new collections hit the shops.. And OMG I want this one by Patagonia:

Love the colours, the cut and the bottoms! I want, I want, I want… Since patience is not one of my top virtues, I pray to god that the 2011 Collection will arrive in the shops soon! 🙂 (Including the ones in Costa Rica please!)