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A Sunny Christmas Day in Costa Rica

Christmas Day came and with it beautiful sunny weather. We got up, had a big breakfast and then decided to venture out for a Christmas Day walk on the mountain on the other side of our little Rio Oro valley in Santa Ana. We had been told that if we followed one of the roads in the valley far enough the road would slowly turn from a paved road into a smaller dirt track before disappearing into a narrow little path into the jungle.

What could be better than that we thought and headed up along Calle Cebadilla until the road had disappeared and we couldn’t get any further except by foot. So we got out of the car, I strapped little E into the carrier and followed J, my mum and my sister into the jungle. We walked on the beautiful path up along the mountain side for about 40 mins until we suddenly got up to a paved road again. This road snaked its way higher up the mountain along a ridge with beautiful views to both sides, on one side we saw Salitral and on the other side we had our little community along Calle Cebadilla.

The sun was wonderfully warm, the sky blue with a few scattered clouds only and I was spending Christmas day in my beige shorts, new lovely orange top, my walking shoes (that get way too little action at the moment!) and little E as the perfect little accessory in the carrier up on a mountain in Costa Rica. If I would have been shown a picture of me up there two years ago and been told that this is what I would be doing Christmas 2011 I think I would not have believed them. The baby being the biggest surprise, but also that I would still be in Costa Rica. Two years ago we were just wrapping things up in London before our big move in March.

But how lovely life is. Here I am with the most wonderful man and baby in my life, surrounded by gorgeous nature, with my mum and sister visiting me in my paradise in order to celebrate Christmas in the sun together once again. I definitely cannot complain. What a fantastic way to end a very special year, while slowly starting to prepare for  the new year and all the wonders it will bring.


Gingerbread Cookie Workshop in the Sun

Gingerbread CookiesThis is somewhat absurd but here I am in our kitchen in shorts and a t-shirt, baking gingerbread cookies while looking out over the sunny, green central valley of San Jose. The Christmas tree is up, Christmas songs playing in the background, the sweet smell of Christmas in the air from the cookies that are already in the oven, and an even sweeter taste of Christmas on my lips from all the dough I have already eaten… But it still just doesnt feel exactly right. Its amazing what a difference it makes that its sunny and warm outside at Christmas time.

Today E and I have had a lovely morning once again. We got up around 7am, had breakfast, had another little snooze, had some tummy time and some general playtime, had a walk up our mountain and now we are on to the gingerbread baking mentioned above. Little E seems to be liking her bouncy chair more and more nowadays. She can actually sit in it for many minutes now without getting bored and screaming. Such a relief for me to at least be able to put her down a few minutes, and once those minutes have passed in the bouncy chair there is always the bed with the exciting mobile hanging above it that will give me a few more minutes of freedom.  I don’t know what I would do without mr. Elephant and ms. Giraffe (the bouncy chair toys) and mr. Octopus (the main character in the playing mobile).

In time for Christmas I have been glancing at lovely little toys for Emmie anywhere I see some, unfortunately she seems to still be quite limited with regards to what she will actually bother to play with. She doesnt pick things up yet, she just observes them if they are deemed worthy of observation (i.e. are they colourful enough, is there anything more interesting around). So unfortunately I think this Christmas she will still just have to settle for an extra helping of breastmilk and the excitement of looking at all the lovely colours Christmas brings with it.

I would love to show her a white Christmas, but I guess it is much easier this year to just be here in the warmth instead of in a colder country. At least here I dont have to worry about lots of clothes and if she is warm enough etc. And after all, she will appreciate the snow much more once she is a bit bigger and we can actually play in it. I cant wait to take her sledge riding! (Not sure who will be more excited then, mum or baby!) But for now I think a tropical Christmas is not too bad. After all, I can still have gingerbread cookies, a tree, fairy lights, presents, Christmas songs etc etc etc…

But best of all, a tropical Christmas means the new years day surf will not be freezing!


Oh, one more thing.. This is the fantastic recipe I used for the gingerbread cookies! Thank you mum for sending it over!! Its super easy and absolutely delicious…

Boil the following ingredients in a saucepan:

1,5 dl Sugar
1 dl Syrap
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Ground ginger
1/2 tsk Ground cloves
Add 125g butter chopped into smaller bits and keep stirring.
When the mix has cooled you whisk in one egg
Leave to sit while you mix 1 tsp of baking soda with 5dl of flour.
Mix it all together and leave to sit in the refrigerator over night.
Use a tiny bit of flour when baking the cookies so they dont stick to the table (surface).

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It’s actually beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here. The ticos have started to put up Christmas trees, lights, nativity scenes and all kinds of things on their houses, in the streets and most of all in the shopping centres. But whats different this year is that we are joining in!

On Monday we ventured out Christmas tree hunting in Escazu. J had spotted a possible tree seller along the route he usually runs so we headed up the hill towards the little tree farm in question. Unfortunately we got there a bit late. More than a month late actually, the guy selling the trees informed us. Apparently we should have dropped by at the beginning of November at the latest to reserve a tree if we wanted one from there. Having realised the situation I asked the guy if there was another place that sells trees anywhere nearby. Three kilometres past the monastery restaurant was the reply, so off we went.

Now this sure turned into quite the adventure. Almost as soon as we had passed the monastery the road started to turn into gravel, which then turned into sand/clay and then into large boulders only on some parts of it as it slowly crept its way up the mountain. Higher and higher we went, past small houses, steep drops and little coffee plantations and small fields. The views were amazing but the narrowness of the road, chopped into the side of the mountain was at times a bit alarming. I was very pleased we didnt meet another vehicle while climbing upwards.

After having driven a bit too far down the road, we finally decided to ask a guy on the side of the road who was trying to get his moped going where we could find some Christmas trees. He told us we had gone a bit too far  so we turned around and headed back down the mountain until we saw the little house on a small hill, surrounded by Christmas trees. I am not sure how we missed this on the way up, possibly because I was looking down at the tricky road and not up towards the side of the road where all the trees stood.

As soon as we parked two boys ran out of the house, one teenager and one young boy, eager to show us their trees. We picked one larger one for the living room and one smaller one for our porch and tied them onto the roof of our poor car that had been through so many bumps during this exciting adventure and headed off home with our trophies.

* * *

Back home and I am writing this next to the Christmas tree in the living room. I keep looking at it and all its glittering baubles we have just hung up on its branches, thinking that it does bring a bit of Christmas into the house. However tropical the climate might be over here, this year I decided that that is not going to stop me from trying to get into the Christmas spirit and I think we are succeeding.

Life with Only One Free Arm

Suddenly all those life insurance ads I kept seeing in my FitPregnancy magazine made sense and it dawned on me, I had become a one armed woman as well, also known as a “mother”. It all hit me last night as I was trying to cook dinner while breastfeeding, something I do not recommend, and in addition to the life insurance ads, the feat also reminded me of something Douglas Adams said:

“A learning experience is one of those things that says, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.” – Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

So yes, from now on I will try to time cooking and breastfeeding into different slots of the day..

I honestly had not realised how much carrying I would be doing with little E around. My left shoulder is already complaining out loud about it all while my right wrist has quietly started to disagree with it as well. The question is, which one will give up first.. And all the while this is happening, little E is demanding more lap time than ever. She loves falling asleep in my lap or being carried around the house so that she can constantly be part of everything that is happening. Doesn’t matter if she is awake or asleep, she knows, and I mean she really KNOWS if she is not included anymore (for example, you put her down..) and will object to it LOUDLY. Thankfully she is so cute she can get away with it.

I must say though that I am very much looking forward to the arrival of J’s mother in a weeks time. Grandma will arrive carrying lots of gifts for the little one, but also a few very much anticipated by the one armed mother. Among other things she will be bringing a baby carrier! I have such high hopes for this wonderful thing that will offload my shoulder and my wrist that I don’t dare think about it too much! My expectations might just be too high then and that is never a good thing I have learned from experience. But in any case, I am sure this carrier will mean a world of difference and little E will be able to participate in everything we do without my arms suffering like they are at the moment. (Then again, I do hope my arm muscles will start building up again soon after my low arm activity pregnancy, which would also make a huge difference I am sure..)

In the meantime though I am forced to little by little get used to life with only one free arm. At least it is making all the everyday tasks into new challenges and keeping things interesting over here. (As if they were not interesting enough already with an infant in the house… 🙂 )

Getting to Know Each Other

Little E is 12 days old now. How incredible to think she has only been with us for 12 days, it sure feels like she has been with us forever. The first 12 days we have spent getting to know each other. E is such a wonderful little Zen baby. She basically eats, sleeps and poops and seems to be quite happy with life in general. Then again, who would not be with such a leisurely lifestyle as my little princess is enjoying up here on our mountain.

There is so much for me to learn about Little E in particular and babies in general. For example, I hadnt realised how often you need to change diapers. Or how much sh*t babies can produce! Especially at 3am.. That’s usually when Little E decides to show off her skills in this area…

Breastfeeding is also a whole new world that I have tried to embrace whole heartedly. And yes, finally all the battles are starting to pay off and we have managed to set up some kind of pattern that works for both of us. I considered contacting the La Leche League to get some expert advice, but things seemed to sort themselves out before I got down to contacting them. I will be keeping their details though.. Just in case..

Personally I am feeling pretty good, a bit tired due to the new day rhythm Little E is imposing on us, but in general pretty good. And I am very much looking forward to being able to start exercising again, so fingers crossed my doctor gives me the green light in a month when I have my postpartum check up. And I am very much looking forward to using my gift card for a massage. Hopefully they will be happy to change it from a pregnancy massage to a pamper-the-new-mummy massage.

But now my new boss is calling.. At least adjusting to this new hierarchy was pretty quick.

She’s Here!

With the expected due date still almost three weeks away, our lovely little E decided to show up already on the 1st October and has been giving  us so much happiness and joy during her first week here with us that I cannot even begin to explain how fortunate we feel. But I must say, I was not really prepared for this yet.

Well, now I am kind of lying. I had actually just managed to wrap up most things at work (admin stuff), we had sorted out the car with the mechanic (ordered what I hope will be the final parts for the car to fix the problems we have had), booked the dogs in for a haircut and I had started planning my maternity leave (swimming, prenatal pilates classes, pregnancy massages, general nesting etc) so that by Friday 30th September I was pretty optimistic about October and my maternity leave starting. Little did I realise that only 4hrs into October, when according to our calculations she was only 37 weeks, little E would decide it was time to make her entrance to this world.

And that she did. My water broke at 4am on the 1st and after having spoken to my doctor we headed off to the hospital to have me and the baby checked. Once there we were told that yes indeed I was heading into labour and 2 cm dilated already. We were sent home to get our stuff, have breakfast and in general wait a bit longer so that my contractions would be a bit more regular and close together and told to head back to the hospital around 9am or so. Well, that we did. We headed home, J put together the last few things we still had to assemble of all her stuff as well as installed the car seat in the car while I packed my bag and prepared some breakfast for us. Looking back now, I am not sure what I was packing for really as I did just pack loads!

Food in case I get hungry (like we were off on a 2 day hike..), two sets of clothes to change into (not sure what I was thinking here either as you dont really care what you wear at this point as long as its comfy..), books (in case I would have time to read.. ehm.. ok..), a movie (in case we would have time to watch that.. EHM again…)… Thankfully I did also pack two sets of clothes for Little E, nappies, wet wipes, her Weleda baby care products and the camera.

We signed back into the hospital at about 9.30am and it was all very exciting and new and surreal at this point. I was NOT really computing that I was about to have a little baby, most likely that day. Having managed half the sign in process my contractions were starting to get stronger and I was sent up to the maternity ward ahead of J who finished off with the admissions guy downstairs.

Having gotten into my gown and settled into the room, by 11am things started speeding up. My the contractions were now getting slightly painful, especially when lying down. And of course they wanted me lying down so they could do their monitoring. I knew Little E  was ok and I could feel her moving, so I was not very understanding about their need to do any monitoring at all. But of course they won and I had to lie down and suffer through it, knowing as well that I was frustratingly enough still only 2cm dilated. I mean WTF! All that pain for nothing?

As of 11am – 12pm my contractions started getting worse as I was dilating approximately 1cm per 20-30 mins. At this point I started having time distortion and all I could really think of was the regular rhythm of contraction – rest – contraction – rest. But at least things were starting to happen! And they were really happening so fast now that suddenly the nurses started stressing that my cool and chilled out doctor wouldn’t have time to get the birthing pool set up!

But thankfully he did.. However, I did not have much time in there at all since as soon as I jumped in my contractions changed and I could tell this was much more of a downward pressure than previous, encouraging me to start pushing. So, just as a side note here before we continue. I must say, the birth up till now had been a bit painful. Basically I had not expected the contractions to grow to such intensity, and I was not really able to enjoy the relaxation and serenity that hypnobirthing was supposed to give you… But at no point was I even considering an epidural or any pain killers. Its funny but it didnt really cross my mind as an option, even if the nurses kept asking and asking and asking me if I wanted it. (J would then again never have allowed that either.. And it was just easier to go through it than to pick a fight while in the midst of labour…)

What I found was the most difficult thing, and what hypnobirthing definitely helped me with, was overcoming the mental blocks and fears that so easily build up. I had entered into the whole pregnancy thing with an open mind and developed a strong philosophy with regards to how I wanted my baby to be born (as naturally as possible in water) and what I definitely didnt want for her (drugs, induction, intervention), what the course and all my meditations on the matter helped me with was getting rid of the fear I had previously harboured towards giving birth.

But as I was sitting there in the water, feeling another contraction coming on with its encouragement to start pushing, I realised that what I was most afraid of wasnt the pain at this point. Pain you know what is and you can handle. What I was afraid of was what will this final stage of childbirth really be like. And THAT was what made me almost not want to push but rather just hold her in in order to stop this whole thing. During the first contraction in water I sensed the change in the rhythm and type of contraction. During the second I felt a proper urge to push and I did tried it a bit, but just a little bit to see what it was like, still holding it in for dear life.. The third contraction I decided I might as well go for it. Or actually, I realised I will have to go for it if I want this to end. And during the fourth she was pretty much out.

Gazing into my daughters eyes for the first time was just incredible but also so surreal. I could not comprehend that she was finally here. Not to mention the tricky question of how do you hold a newborn baby? There was so much going through my mind and at the same time nothing, just silence as we stared. I think we were both as bewildered at meeting each other at quarter to four on a Saturday afternoon.

The following hour is a bit of a daze. Little E went off with J and the paediatrician to be checked while I remember being amazed at how all the pain had disappeared and how tiny my tummy suddenly had gone.

A bit more than 24hrs after my water broke we were allowed to head home from the hospital, another thing I would like to praise a natural birth for. Little E has also been extremely attentive, curious and in general so alert that I cannot help but think that she also got a birth that was as easy as possible for her. After all, she did a massive job as well when she worked her way into this world.


Little E is now almost a week old. She is absolutely amazing, even if I say so myself. I do realise it is a bit of a subjective opinion, but then again, its my blog. 😉

She sleeps calmly through the night, I have to wake her up every 3 hrs to feed her as otherwise she would happily snooze her way through. She is just like her daddy. She eats well and loves sitting up in mine or J’s lap, just watching the world around her. But mostly I think she likes sleeping and eating. What I like the most is looking at her when she does my favourite face, actually I love just looking at her in general. And of course knowing that this exciting adventure has just begun for all of us.


Big Mama!

That’s what one of my colleagues calls me nowadays… He usually shouts it out across the cafeteria at work as he makes his way over to say hello. Now that sure is something that does make you feel noticed, and not always in the best of ways, especially now that I really am gaining quite a big of volume.

At our last doctor’s appointment I was still under 70kg even if I had my bets on the over on that one. But I guess its only a matter of time before I do cross over to the other side of 70 especially considering I still have at least 5 weeks to go. I just wish the weight gain could be a bit easier!

I guess the explanation that my Pilates teacher always gives me when she is trying to explain how I should curl myself around a ball makes much more sense now. “Imagine you are curving your stomach and spine over the beach ball in your lap”.. Yup, got that one now, with a built in beach ball!