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The Pep Talk

A Personal Pep Talk

Right. Its time for a good personal pep talk! God damn, I can do it! And I can do it DAMN WELL! Hear me ROAR!

Well, something like that… 🙂

So today is an absolutely wonderfully sunny Sunday and we are a few hours away from hitting the beach with our boards. It’s Barranca time again, and apparently the swell is excellent for me as a beginner. At least that is what my personal surf coach says 🙂 And that’s what this pep talk is all about, giving me the ooomph to hit those waves and not be scared about the steepness of them, or the force or them, or of my board hitting me, or of other surfers getting in my way, or of me getting caught in the leash, or of… Well, you get the point. Its a scary world out there for us beginner surfers.

But today I feel GRRRRREAT! And I am ready to hit those waves 100%! I am NOT going to pull out at the last minute and I am not going to bail on any great waves and I am not going to let a few waves taken over the head get me down. I am going to be as buoyant as my bloody board always is (making it oh so hard to get out there!) and not let any of this pull me down.

I am keeping my fingers crossed now that this pep talk will work and that I will have one of my BEST days EVER out there in the swell today! And if it doesn’t work, I will go with the “Eat Ice Cream” option from the card above.. HäagenDazs super premium ice cream (as they modestly describe it on their website..) always works… 🙂

Combating Boredom

Before my computer profile at work crashed, I used to have lots of lovely favourites set up. I set them up under a few main themes: Online Marketing, Analysis and Statistics, Health and Fitness and Combating Boredom.

The one I miss the most at the moment is my collection of wonderful ways to make the day go faster that had taken me months to compile. You guessed right, its the folder Combating Boredom I am talking about..

CB, for short, had all kinds of interesting pages marked for immediate access in case of need. My favourite ones being sites such as Stumble Upon, Yahoo Games, AlbinoBlacksheep, Alltop… As well as a few news portals and obviously my social media and mail boxes.. Thankfully my relationship with these sites were intimate enough so that I didn’t completely lose them when I lost my Favourites folder.

But back to the real reason for why I even have a folder like this. There are always moments at work when you are bored. Out of things to do. Waiting for other people to do theirs so you can get on with yours. Today has been one of those days. And even if I have had all my helpful heros here to help me combat boredom, we have not succeeded completely.

But thankfully its time to wrap up the day and head off home. I have my pilates lesson in 2 hrs to look forward to and after that I am simply going to jump into bed! Can’t wait!

I hope you all have had a lovely day! And please do let me know if you have any other great ideas of things to do to combat boredom so I can expand my arsenal of arms to fight it.

Games Women Play

No, not those games! I mean computer games, video games, cash games, skill games.. Entertainment online basically. I have started a new little life task as well as a new little blog about my work and my interest in gaming, Games Women Play .

The aim is to provide an insight into my life and work in the world of gambling, while at the same time provide a platform for me to discuss trends and developments in the industry and especially when it comes to women and their gaming habits.

I am hoping this will provide me with a channel to air my thoughts but also to bring more attention to women in gaming and women who play games. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂