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Danza Kuduro

And its Friday!! I am so excited about the weekend! I am going to sleep so well tonight and tomorrow we are off with our new GPS to explore Tortuguero National Park over on the Caribbean side. I still havent been to the Caribbean side so I am very excited about seeing that, but also about seeing the beautiful park! Apparently you might even see manatees there! Oh I hope we get to see that! And I hope there will be some baby turtles out on the beach as well so that we can do a night tour to see them.. Ah so many exciting things to look forward to!

This day started so well, I had a lovely walk in the morning with the little Sofia, I slept more or less ok even if somebody was hogging most of the bed and the blankets ;), I drove to work to the sound of Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro” and arrived at work knowing that I have an exciting end of the year in front of me with various marketing opportunities available now thanks to my new budget having been approved!

Im working on various things at the moment, I feel inspired and excited about all the possibilities but also challenges ahead and I cant almost decide what to do first from all the ideas that are popping into my head!

But Im going to take it easy today still, I have taken a few baby steps in the right direction with regards to a few of the campaigns I want to do and I have sorted the newsletters for today and Monday, so I can actually just relax now over the weekend. Yay!

Plo plo plo ploooooooooo!!! Like they say in the above video!! Bring on the weekend!

* Today is also J’s birthday.. Excellent! Actually, I dont think anything can make this day any better! 🙂 I hope everyone gets as fabulous a start to the weekend as I have gotten!