A little bit about me…

…is always so hard to write. I think I will start with trying to pin down the aim of this blog, or should I say this forum of expression. I like having various choices for where and how to express myself, so this is actually just one of them. In addition to this blog I handle a blog about my healthy ambitions, also known as desperate attempts of Burning Fat, as well as another one about my professional aspirations and general interest in Games Women Play. I have also set up a small site about the Best of Costa Rica as we see and experience it with my wonderful boyfriend. (This is very much still work in progress , there is still a lot left to explore over here!)

But back to me… I guess I could say that I am a fairly young, Swedish speaking Finnish lady of medium height and average weight who enjoys sports, dancing, wine, cheese, surfing, Pilates, yoga, films, photography, reading, kissing, cooking, the sunshine, my dog Sofia, tattoos, the circus and in general all kinds of things that make life worth living!

So as you might have figured out from my comments above, I am currently based in Costa Rica with my lovely boyfriend and two fabulous surf board, in the midst of geckos, crocodiles, leaf frogs, cane toads, capuchin monkeys and all kinds of other interesting creatures.. In other words, the perfect surroundings for any young lady to need a multitude of forums of expression!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anna-Maria Niskanen on March 30, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Hej, nu har jag då bekantat mig. Måste man skriva på engelska? Verkar annars rätt trevligt. Jag borde göra en blogg som kan läsas av t.ex. kollegor och elever också. Hålla kontakt med folk via bloggen? Kramar från mamma


  2. Posted by Elli on December 28, 2010 at 10:41 am

    Heisan 🙂
    Jeger gift med en mann fra Costa Rica, og takk Gud for det,for landet er nyyydelig 😉
    Hvor bor du?


    • Hejsan! Jo Costa Rica ar alldeles underbart! 🙂 Vi har bott har i ca 10 manader nu och trivs otroligt bra.. No complaints! 🙂 Vi bor i Santa Ana, nara San Jose – Kanner du till stallet? Vilken del av Costa Rica ar din man fran? Och bor ni har eller annanstans? Norge?


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