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Big Mama!

That’s what one of my colleagues calls me nowadays… He usually shouts it out across the cafeteria at work as he makes his way over to say hello. Now that sure is something that does make you feel noticed, and not always in the best of ways, especially now that I really am gaining quite a big of volume.

At our last doctor’s appointment I was still under 70kg even if I had my bets on the over on that one. But I guess its only a matter of time before I do cross over to the other side of 70 especially considering I still have at least 5 weeks to go. I just wish the weight gain could be a bit easier!

I guess the explanation that my Pilates teacher always gives me when she is trying to explain how I should curl myself around a ball makes much more sense now. “Imagine you are curving your stomach and spine over the beach ball in your lap”.. Yup, got that one now, with a built in beach ball!

Exercises for Pregnant Ladies

I have been trying to keep up my exercising as much as possible while pregnant, but my god everything seems to be somewhat against me in accomplishing what I wanted to do! I’ve been into Pilates for years and was very much looking forward to the prenatal Pilates experience while pregnant. Unfortunately that just hasnt seemed to happen at all.

Well, now Im kind of lying. During the first trimester I did a little bit but in the end I was just too nauseous to really enjoy it. Second trimester of course our car had to be out of action for most of it, meaning I didnt manage to get to my classes at midday. And here we are in third trimester now, with no Pilates under my belt yet thanks to too much work and again car troubles!

I will make another effort next week (my last week working before the start of my maternity leave) and hunt down my teacher and beg her for at least a few classes before D-Day.

I also had great plans to do a bit of swimming during my pregnancy as I hear that is supposed to be great for pregnant ladies as well. Unfortunately I have only gotten so far as to identify where the closest pool is, but have not yet actually ventured over to see it with my own eyes…

Well, according to today’s doctor’s appointment I still have about 1.5 weeks to go before my maternity leave kicks off, but once that begins I am definitely going to do a bit more. At the moment work is eating up too much of my time and in the evenings I am basically just too tired to do much.

Meanwhile, little E is putting me to shame with all the exercises that she is doing on the inside. My gosh, I can barely keep up! The hiccuping episodes have diminished but she has basically just replaced the hiccuping with kicking instead. It feels like she might kick her way out of the bump soon via my right hand side! However, I guess its not just pregnant ladies who benefit from exercise.  Little ladies are also in need of some action in preparation both for D-Day as well as for all the new adventures that await on this side.

Positions Everyone! (Most importantly little E!)

Today I stumbled upon this wonderful site about Spinning Babies while trying to find out more about when the head engages and what she is really up to in there. I tend to have a lot of kicking going on just under my ribs on the right hand side of the bump while at the same time the occasional large hard bulge on the left hand side or the sliding movement across my belly button of something equally hard. Well, what can I say, I got very curious about what the hell she is up to in there!

Having browsed the site a bit I think I have diagnosed E’s position as Left Occiput Anterior. Especially based on this phrase: “The mother feels a bulge for the baby’s bottom on her left. The feet stretch and kick in her upper right.”

Thankfully the LOA is apparently  “…the most common, ideal fetal position (Optimal Foetal Position)” so that is yet another relief on the journey towards D-Day.

Another wonderful thing that I found thanks to this site was Belly Mapping. What a wonderful idea to learn about your baby and its position through Belly Mapping! I would love to have my little E painted on my bump, too bad this lady is based in the US and not over here on our sunny shores.

Anyhow, I better get back to what I was doing before the Spinning Babies came into my life before I get even more distracted by them. Ill save the rest for a weekend read.. Happy Friday everyone!


Lately the little one has started to have hiccups! Its not just a single one every now and then, its a regular hic-hic-hic at least three times a day. Fetal hiccups, at least according to one site I was just reading, starts happening towards the end of the pregnancy when the central nervous system is adequately developed for them to happen:

“First of all, only more mature fetuses hiccup in the womb because their central nervous system is adequately developed in order to allow this to happen. It is believed that the fetus breathes in amniotic fluid or drinks it. When this happens and the amniotic fluid enters and exists the fetus lungs then the diaphragm contracts and hiccups results.” (Read more at The Labor of Love)

I did not know that. I had heard that the hiccups will be a funny thing to feel during pregnancy, but I did not know that they are also such a wonderful sign of a little person developing along so quickly and wonderfully.

I am just glad that I dont have to have the hiccups as often as little E does. But apparently they are soothing for little babies still in the bump, so maybe I shouldn’t feel too sorry for her.