Earthquake in Costa Rica

Having spent a year here in Costa Rica I had not yet felt a big earthquake. When we moved here there was apparently a big one that same night, but me and J were so exhausted and happily asleep in bed we had no idea what was happening. The next one was a small one that I did feel somewhat. Sitting in the office though, this earthquake could almost have been compared to one of the huge lorries driving past on the pista, that’s about as rough as it got.

Then my third one was a complete miss. We were driving and apparently you cannot feel a thing when you are in a car.

But yesterdays, wow! Now I can say I have been in an earthquake! It started shaking a bit, built up a bit more until it properly shook for the last few seconds. Probably 20 seconds in total of rattling the earth! Impressive what mother nature can do.. According to yesterdays reports it measured about 6 on the Richter scale and the epicentreĀ (6km north of Puriscal as reported by Oviscori) is about 40mins drive from us here in Santa Ana.

Oviscori 10 Last Earthquakes in Costa Rica

Google Maps Epicentre of Costa Rican Earthquake 13.05.11

Thankfully we were all ok. The dogs were a bit unsettled when we got home but I am not sure if that was thanks to the earthquake or thanks to the torrential rain that followed. But I bet the little lady in my tummy was happily snuggled up and blissfully unaware of it all, but who knows, maybe she could feel her mummy’s excitement and enjoyed the harmless ride as well.

Costa Rica Earthquake 13th May 2011


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