Grinders, Blenders and Mills

I found a grain mill!! How amazingly cool and fantastically fun, I cant wait to get to use it! But before that I will have to get rid of some of the rust on it, I guess “antiques” like mine don’t come without a price to pay.

I drive past this old man and his shop of randomness every day on my way home from work and today I finally thought its time to actually go have a look what kind of treasures he has lying around. I spotted a fantastic vintage metal Jerry can that I couldn’t help but get and when I got to his whole collection of grinders and mills I was sold. He had grain mills and meat grinders of all kinds of shapes and sizes but the one I fell for was a Corona grain mill that seemed to be the least rusty.

I piled my treasures into the car and drove home very pleased about my findings. Now I will be able to buy grains and not flour and make my own fresh flour instead of just settling for the shop’s flour!


Now its been almost two weeks since the purchase and I still haven’t removed the rust. Then again, I guess its understandable with all the other things we have had going on. But now with our guests gone there are no more excuses… I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Have fun with the rusty mill… is this just for decoration or are you really going to make flour with it? If you’re looking for a real quality NEW mill 🙂 check out Guaranteed not to have any rust on it!


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