Patience has never been a virtue of mine. Once again today I was starting to feel slightly impatient with everything and anything, especially related to work. Things are going at their usual slow pace over here, with nothing really happening again with regards to my projects – Meaning that I sit here and do whatever I can to a) keep things rolling as usual, b) keep the money coming in to pay my wage and c) try to keep myself somewhat entertained.

But then the occational “chi chi chi le le le” chants started making me think. The TV is showing the rescue of the Chilean miners, also known as “Los 33”, who have been trapped under ground for god know many days already and I started realising that maybe a slightly boring work day during which I dont have that much to do that interests me isn’t that bad really.. At least I can get out of here if I really want to, I can move around quite freely and even if I have a tendency to complain about the lack of light in my office – I am put to shame by the darkness of a 2000+ ft deep mine..

But just like life tends to have a way of sorting itself out, so did my day as soon as my boss arrived back to the office following his week traveling. With a few words (and a wave of his wand) I suddenly found myself with what seems to be my own office as well as a new (and only) member to my team. I think I will need a few days to let this all sink in.

I guess that has been the saving grace over here. Even if working in Costa Rica has meant I had to slow down massively from what my usual work pace was while in London (and high on caffeine most of the time), it has also meant that there are no real rules and when things start happening they are not bound by bureaucracy and paperwork. Rather, once you hit that tipping point it is very much a situation where my old boss’s commands “Take the Ball and Run!” seem to fit like a glove.

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