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Pillar 2: Family and Friends

My second pillar in this little story is for Family and Friends. If your home is your physical cornerstone in life, then your Family and Friends are the social cornerstones. The amazing people I have let into my life and who in return have extended me the privilege of accepting the invitation, are of extreme importance to me. I would not be the person I am today without all of you.

Although, at the moment I feel my cornerstones are quite spread out all over the place. My best friends can currently be found in Finland, England, Spain and The U.S (my apologies if I have forgotten anyone of you currently based somewhere else..) but at least my closest family is still somewhat lumped together in one place over in Finland, making seeing them a bit easier.

My Family and Friends have always been great; they have always been there to give me inspiration, support, encouragement, and constructive criticism (Let’s just call it that ;)). I miss all of them so much and wish I could just force everyone to move with me whenever I go anywhere.. Nevertheless,  I still feel they are all with me somehow wherever I go, and even if I cannot speak to them all on a daily basis, the bonds I have with these people don’t weaken.

And anyways, there is always Facebook to keep me up to date with their latest adventures..

Pillar 1: The Home and Making a House a Home

When we moved to Costa Rica in March I had to leave a lot behind. Many friends, a few hobbies, some favourite places, but mostly a large amount of things. All the above mentioned were very dear to me, but I guess what surprised me the most was how stuff can become important to you when you build your own little nest.

Interestingly enough, it did not take long until I  started to slowly accumulate stuff again for our lovely little nest over here as well.. I find this quite funny  as I never considered myself that materialistic. This self generated image of myself that I had been carrying with me following the last few years of somewhat Spartan living in various countries went up in a big Pooof when I suddenly realized that I like to have things. And not just a few things, many things.

In other words, I suddenly realized that I was the total opposite to what I was trying to be in my attempt to keep it as easy as possible for me to  just pick up my stuff and leave the country when needed. (Hmm.. That came out a bit wrong.. Oh well, you get the idea.) No wonder I had troubles feeling settled and happy and content in the various places I was living when I was always one foot out the door.

Following this realization, I have made it a point to always make my current home into my headquarters and to purchase things for it whenever I see things I like without worrying about a future move and how I will get it all with me to the next place. This new process of building a nest rather than just setting up camp usually involves bringing in my Moomin mugs, some books, my jewellery and make up, some kitchen stuff, my bed linen, the wonderful sheep wool bed spread that I got from my mum and dad a few years ago, and a few other things (most importantly Joel ;)).

And having brought more stuff with me during the move to Costa Rica than during any other move, I am feeling amazingly settled and happy. We have a beautiful house that we are little by little filling up with things, both from back home as well as new ones picked up along the way during our adventure over here.

It took a while, but I have finally realized that in order for me to be happy one of the things I need, the first pillar that is, is the one  symbolising the Home. Ironically enough it took me quite some time to realise this. But at last, for the first time in my life, I am paying enough attention to it. Thanks to this I feel better than ever and I am very excited about continuing my explorations into what I want my Home to be as well as what my new home country has to offer.