Wonderful Weekend

Ah, I am just getting back into normality following a wonderful weekend of pure debauchery.. How absolutely amazing is it to not really do ANYTHING except for eating, drinking, sunbathing, surfing and just lying around..  I was going to write a line about this already during the weekend, a little note in celebration of all things lazy, but I was just too lazy to get around to it..

Until now that is. So, here we go. “My weekend” by Linda.

My weekend started off in an absolutely fantastic way. Actually, words almost fail me in describing how lovely it was, but I will try. 🙂 It started early, that’s for sure. By 7am on Saturday morning we were at Barranca, getting ready to head out into the waves with our boards. The day was sunny, actually it was extremely hot compared to the last few times we had been down there, the waves were about 4ft high and there were only a handful of other people heading out. In other words, excellent conditions for a day in the waves.

While paddling out I decided to have at least 10 waves during this session, out of which 5 were supposed to be great, memorable waves. I like setting goals like that, but this time I decided not to stress too much about it and actually just work on my tan in case I wasn’t getting along with Poseidon. To my absolute delight we were getting along like never before and I caught 5 amazing waves during the two hour session. FIVE excellent,  head high, pounding, fast waves that carried me for ages! Pure morning bliss..

Following such an amazing start to the weekend, how could the rest be bad?

And I was right.. All we did in addition to the surfing was fully focussing on enjoying the time off.. We spent the days lounging around, eating, drinking, reading, sunbathing, watching movies and playing with the little monster Sofia.. Absolutely wonderful..

But now its back to work again, and I must say its a bit difficult to focus on doing something as mundane as work following such a wonderful weekend. Ah.. I really should just be a lady of leisure, I am pretty good at just lounging around.. Although, I do wonder at what point a good thing would become too much.. Maybe its a good thing I am not at risk of having too much fun just lounging around thanks to my work that keeps me busy on a daily basis…

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