Edith Shain and the World Famous Kiss

Edith Shain I love kisses and one of the most wonderful ones that has been recorded for everyone to see is the kiss on Times Square by a nurse and a sailor in celebration of the end of World War II.

This epic picture of a young Edith Shain, all dressed in white, taken by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt managed to capture an epic moment in US history, if not world history. The photograph went on to become an iconic image when it was published in Life Magazine, to mark the end of the war.

I love the spontaneity of the kiss, the slightly raised leg and the complete surrender as she leans into his arms. Who would not want to be kissed like that! 🙂

This blog post is in memory of Edith Shain and all the others who got to experience the wonders that is a simple kiss, following years of war and misery over such a large part of the world.

As well as a celebration of the kiss in itself!

Actually, I’m going to go get me one as well now…


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