I am feeling a bit lost at the moment.. Well, actually, its not really that widespread. Its more like being lost with certain things, details in the big general picture. Its like fumbling around in one of the rooms in a big house of many rooms, but unfortunately exactly the room you happen to be in happens to be dark within that otherwise lit up house..

I hope you get the picture.

Basically, I am feeling very settled and happy with so many things in life, but seem to have constant issues with what I want to do with my 8hours a day that I have to spend at work. I have had a few weeks now of feeling a bit in limbo with things, these few weeks things in general have not been moving that much at all and this has made my itch for learning new things and doing challenging things quite unbearable.

I know, I know, and yes, I am being told I should sit back and relax and enjoy the ride instead of worrying about the fact that the scenery could be a tiny bit more interesting, or the ride a bit faster or just a tiny bit more exciting and challenging etc. But I have slight problems with doing that. I have always been a bit of a doer. Actually, I am more of an initiator, and I am an excellent initiator if I can hand over the project to someone else as soon as I have initiated it so that someone with more patience can finish it while I get to go on and initiate more stuff..I hear this is typical for people born in the Aries sign, so at least I have an excuse for my behaviour.

Anyways, I have felt this annoying itch now for a while and I think I need to look into adding some PGaD into my life as soon as possible, in other words, I need to look over my Personal Growth and Development strategy. My main problem is I feel totally stagnant at the moment, professionally that is, and unfortunately also somewhat unchallenged. The problem is not that there are no challenges, there are massive challenges in my work. The problem is I have not got the tools to properly approach these challenges.

Secondly, I can count the new things I have learned (at work) these last few months on the fingers of one hand, which according to me is quite unacceptable. You would think that starting a new job would mean that the first few months would be quite tiring and exhausting due to all the new stuff you have to internalize, unfortunately that was not the case in this situation.

So I am considering looking over my PGaD strategy again with the aim of reassessing it, and basically myself adding whatever is needed to it to make me feel a bit more challenged. Its not the end of the world, but I am a bit disappointed that once again everything will be up to me. And yes, I do admit that I was a spoiled brat who did not appreciate all the great trainings and educational opportunities I got to enjoy at Hewlett Packard and Accenture  while I worked with them. If I get another chance like that of trainings on the job I will definitely not waste it or not appreciate it.

But for now, I think I will listen to some more interesting videos about web 2.0 and about my new professional infatuation Sheryl Sandberg and then enjoy my cup of mint tea in silent contemplation with the lovely Sofia in my lap. And after all, things could definitely be worse so I will stop whining now and go look for some challenges. After all, usually in life its up to you to make the most of each day.


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  1. Posted by Hanna on June 19, 2010 at 6:34 am

    Ville bara skicka en kram och säga att jag beundrar dig, Linda. Just för att du är en doer. Och initiator. Och så ambitiös! Lite PGaD och du ska se att du är back on track igen! 🙂


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