Princess Sofia

Sofia 9 months oldA week ago now me and J became the proud owners of an adorable Dobermann Pinscher Miniature mixed breed puppy of 9 months.. And now I would like you to meet the lovely Sofia! She has really taken the family with storm, I dont think I have seen a dog with so much energy!

She loves pigs ears and cuddles and nibbling on ankles and puppy milk and licking peoples faces.

She dislikes going to bed and not being able to join us at the table while we are eating.

It did not take her long to lay claim on the sofa and on our hearts. She is quite cocky actually, and considering she has only been with us for one week, she is already feeling rather confident about it all. Then again, I guess I will have to admit that her claim on at least the latter is completely justified. The sofa I am not giving up on that easily..

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