Wet season in Costa Rica

Apparently the wet season is almost upon us. I say apparently since none of my colleagues agree with me that it might actually, really be rain season already.. They say the worse is still to come, and once its here it will last till November. Yikes. And I was complaining about the rain in London…

I dont mind the rain over here.. Yet.

I have completely accepted the fact that I am fickle. I fall for things and I fall out with things on a daily basis. To stick to the subject, one day I adore the rain, yet the next day I can be cursing its very existence. Its funny how summer rain can be so much more appealing than winter rain, while London rain can be so much worse than Barcelona rain. Its all in your mind I keep telling myself. And so it usually is. A gorgeous day gets tainted by a melancholy mood while a cold rainy night can be the most beautiful thing if you are in the right mood. Everything is in our own heads.

Costa Rica is looking more lush by the day. The rain has brought new nuances of green to the forest and the amount of animals that are coming out to celebrate the arrival of the rain is just incredible. Its almost like the bugs and insects also grow when subjected to a bit of rain. Unfortunately I must say I am a bit reluctant to join the celebrations – mainly since I am not as much of an insect lover as J and could happily live with no interaction with arthropods of any kind.

Leaving the topic of troubles related to hair styling in the rain aside, I do adore the rain. Especially here. It comes with force, hits you like a bucket of water thrown over you and takes you by surprise most days. I cannot wait to experience the real rain season. Well, actually, let me get back to you on that one in a few weeks when I have truly had the privilege of seeing Costa Rica during off season.


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