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Things I like

There are so many wonderful things out there that I would love to get my hands on, and to make things worse for my self discipline, they pop up on a daily basis! But although this feeling of “miiih..must…have…” is more or less a daily recurrence, and most of the time I just try to switch on my selective hearing and ignore the pleading voices in my head.

Today’s two things are just a bit too divine to not fuss about more than usual..

The first thing is Avita‘s white dress with belt… Have you seen anything prettier for the beach?? And to make things even better, its made out of my new favourite fabric, Bamboo.. Swoon.. What I wouldnt give to get my hands on a Bamboo loom where I could make my own bamboo fabric.. (ok, ok, I am somewhat exaggerating here, I mean where I could have other people make me some bamboo fabrics because I am too busy with faffing about in all kinds of other directions of life..) Anyhow, the conclusion is that not only is bamboo pretty as a plant, its pretty amazing as a fiber as well!

The second thing that I stumbled across today was California Candy Wetsuits. Not that I need one over here ( I know, I know, I am a spoiled brat nowadays and probably ruined for ever now after enjoying water temperatures of about 28 degrees Celsius..) but these are just amazingly querky, original, feminine and beautiful! When I next go to California I want to find this lovely lady to check out her showroom and all the fantastic things she has done with her own little hands! (Very jealous… not about having small hands but about doing stuff with them!) And I do like the photography style as well.. Need to take more pictures…

Tumbling in Waves

I have been very lucky during my first seven weeks here in Costa Rica, the weather has been amazing, the house is incredible, work is fairly interesting and spending time with the lovely J is simply wonderful.. Most amazingly I have also been able to spend time in the water on my board more or less every weekend of these last seven weeks!

My board is a beautiful Epoxy beginner board with a mad green lining… Kind of like this one here.. But still not.. Its my “step up” board that I have moved up to from the yellow swellie I got to enjoy while surfing in Cornwall at the end of last summer. I am mighty proud that I have moved up to the next level already, and I do love my board. Even if it can really p*** me off when it cooperates with the evil waves and throws me off into the waves, providing me with yet another washing machine experience..

Most of the time we have surfed Esterillos Oeste, a beautiful beach about 20km south from Jaco. A few weeks back J found a little studio flat in Esterillos Oeste that the owners wished to rent out on a daily basis. This fortunate turn suddenly meant that we were in the extremely lucky situation of having our own little weekend house, with a beautiful hammock on the terrace and a three legged cat as the closest neighbour, at our disposal more or less whenever needed.

So in spite of my weekly renewal of my knee bruises and the occasional head bump or random bruise elsewhere on my still a bit white body, I love the effect surfing has on me. I love sitting on the board and bopping on the waves while waiting for a kind wave to come along, I love the excitement of catching a wave and getting up on my feet to enjoy the long or short ride it offers me, and I love the peace and quiet I feel inside after having done something so physically exhausting yet at the same time rewarding. A few bruises are a small price to pay for so much pleasure.

Conversing with the Monkeys

I am sitting on the terrace of our hotel here in Manuel Antonio, enjoying the happy chirping of the squirrel monkeys who are bouncing around in the trees in the jungle next door. They are so beautiful and gracious and so at home on the branches at an average height of at least 20metres above the ground.. Sliding on the leaves, clinging to the smallest of branches in their travels among the tree tops. I have to admit, I am a tiny bit jealous now… How fun it all looks! And here I am, stuck in a rocking chair.

Oh well.. at least I have amazing views just like them!

We arrived in Manuel Antonio yesterday, on one of the hottest days of the year as far as I am aware.. The air is so humid over here its like you are wrapped in cling film, with a light shimmer of sweat all over you on a continuous basis. I have melted many times over today, and its not even 11am!

Manuel Antonio is a fabulous little place, we passed three hours this morning in the park enjoying encounters with deer, howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, blue jeans frogs, sloths, jesus christ lizards, “pig thingies” that look like guinea pigs with longer legs, iguanas and all kinds of random animals. The nature is just stunning, walking around at the Catedral tip you felt like you were in a bubble of greenery that just radiated off the rock. Incredible..

We definitely wanted to do the park during our trip down here, but are also very keen on getting to go snorkling for some under water encounters as well.. Exciting! I love having nature so close to me. I do love the city as well, with all its lights and possibilities and excitement, but nothing beats the glory of nature..

During one of our ambitious moments we set up a little website about our experiences here in Manuel Antonio, we decided to call it the Best of Manuel Antonio and want to show people first of all what we experienced during our trip here, but second of all, we wanted to give other people some insider tips on what to see and what to do if you do manage to head out here. I cannot wait to get the site up and running properly as well as do some more investigations with regards to what else is out here in this magical place.

The monkeys have calmed down a bit now.. Having gone from Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Ricasliding across the leaves and running havoc on the fence to the next door neighbour, they have now move on further along the road. I guess I should not monopolise them..

We are packing up our stuff as well now to move over to the next hotel. Its so full here over Semana Santa that we had to do one night at this hotel and the following two at another hotel, but hey, could be worse, at least now we get to review two more hotels for our Best of Manuel Antonio site. Excellent!