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I fly like paper get high like planes

I should really make this into a travel blog instead of an ambitious blog about my goals in life since I dont seem to be making much progress with them, but I do keep clocking up airmile and hotel points. I am already on my mmpteenth trip with work this month, currently lying on the bed eating macaroons in my hotelroom in Amsterdam.

During this month I have already been to Brussels, Stockholm, Helsinki, Brussels, Antwerp, Tilburg and Amsterdam, where I will be for the next 5 days still.. Next month I am doing Brussels and Antwerp again, followed by Malta for three days and then Paris for two days after a short weekend break back in London. After careful consideration I am leaving out Algarve because I just dont have the energy. I never though I would say this, but too much travelling is too much travelling.

Thankfully on the 20th May I am off to Cuba on a holiday. Yes, its another trip but at least this time its my trip where I will decide everything; what I do, where I go, who I see! And I get to do it with my lovely friend C! Bringing back the fun in travelling!

During my travels this year I have realised that you just have to focus on the small pleasures that also business travel can bring you. For example those fabulous macaroons I mentioned earlier, but also the practicalisites, such as a fabulous travel agency. Personally, I am now oficially in love with mine; Mr and Mrs Smith..

They sort out my hotels, flights and any other arrangement immediately and throw in all kinds of fantastic extras to make my travelling just that tiny bit nicer. And it sure is working!

Another small joy that I have found for my travels are the Moleskine city guidebooks that you can write yourself! I love dotting down all the things I find on around the various cities during my adventures, only to be able to later on have the memories collected between the black covers..

I guess I should add something travel related to my goals this year, but I actually think I will just see them as a nice added bonus. Although they are keeping me from completing my oficially set goals. But at least I get air miles..