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The conversion from on1 to on2

I didnt really realise this but apparently there really is such a thing as too much salsa.. I feel completely whiped out after the weekend of the Stars of Salsa Congress here in London, but its been great fun and I got to meet Ania Chagowska, one of my favourite teachers of ladies styling. I really like her style, energy and flow of the movements.

So, I am working on my first promise to myself, Im getting into the salsa community here, Im getting to know other dancers (and Im avoiding dating them…) and I am learning new stuff!! I did a conversion course yesterday from on1 to on2 and it was sooo much fun! Unfortunately I did a stupid mistake and chose to go to a partnerwork on1 class instead of the partnerwork on2 class after that, and it was NOT at all as much fun. Damn.. But at least I got the basics of on2 more or less sorted now. All I need to do now is practice, practice, practice..

Today is the last evening of the congress, I didnt manage to go out yesterday, so heading out tonight instead! Wohoo! It will be great, even if I am a bit exhausted still, but I can always “rest at work” since there I will just be sitting down in front of the computer all day long.

Next weekend will be a resting weekend and then after that its the Amsterdam Salsa Festival! And fortunately I will be in Amsterdam during that weekend and will be able to attend at least the parties! How fabulously fabulous!

While over there I am also considering extending my dance related tattoo on my left hip a bit since the fantastic artist who did the cherry flowers on my right breast lives there. I want him to enlarge it with a few other decorative ornaments that will further express my love for dance and add some colour to that part of my body..

But now its time for a Sunday coffee in town at the Nordic Bakery, and then more salsa in the evening at SOS! I gotta practive my dancing on2 and the ladies styling.. And then look into how I can work on my other two goals..